Information on the State : WISCONSIN - WI
Flag :
Name : Wisconsin
ShortCode WI
Capital Madison
Largest City Milwaukee
Statehood Date May 29, 1848
Total Population 5742713
Total Area (Miles2/KM2) 65496 (169634)
Total Land Area (Miles/KM) 54158 (140269)
Total Water Area (Miles/KM) 11339 (29368)
Total House Seats 8
Total Counties 75   * See all Counties of Wisconsin
Total Cities 772   * See all Cities of Wisconsin
Total Zipcodes 933   * See all Zipcodes of Wisconsin
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Wisconsin is a state in United States of America. Its shortcode is WI. Capital city of Wisconsin is Madison. Largest city of Wisconsin is Milwaukee. This state was officially made on May 29, 1848 (Date of statehood). Total population in this state is estimated to be 5742713 approx. It covers total area of 65496 Square Miles or 169634 Square Kilometers, out of which total Land area is estimated to be of 54158 Square Miles or 140269 Square Kilometers, whereas Total Water area is estimated to be about 11339 Square Miles or 29368 Square Kilometers. There are total 75 Counties in Wisconsin. Total number of cities in this state is 772 . Total number of zipcodes/pincodes in Wisconsin are 933. This State has total 8 House Seats.

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